Pastaio, meaning pasta maker, offers fresh, handmade pasta, prepared daily.
You can watch our skilled team knead, roll, cut and shape pasta from scratch. We’ve blended the art of serious Italian cooking with a laid back approach. Located in the heart of Tradition Village Square, come to join us in our newly designed space for an unforgettable meal along with a handcrafted cocktail.


Not in the mood to dine-in? We get it! Grab a slice of pizza to-go as you stroll around Tradition Square and enjoy the beautiful scenery Port St. Lucie has to offer.


We are a gathering place for family, friends, groups, couples, and food enthusiasts alike, to enjoy handmade pasta, pizza, delicately crafted cocktails and friendly service in a welcoming and approachable ambiance. 

10472 Village Center Dr, Port St Lucie, FL   |   (772) 800-5999   


Our impeccable flavors rely on the freshest ingredients available along with 00 (double0) flour. Come in and have a taste for yourself and see the difference handmade makes. Because real food can't be faked. 


Let us take you to Italy and back. We like to say our pizza is the real deal but we'll leave that up to you to decide.


Considerable care and intention have gone into the ingredients we select for our dishes. We've spent years in the business researching the best of the best. We work together with local suppliers to obtain the freshest, seasonal produce available. 

“We stumbled into Pastaio tonight and couldn’t be happier. The pie was perfect!! The service from Arnie was outstanding. I can’t wait to come back for their pasta. My daughter, who hates sauce, cringed when her cheese pie came out because it had sauce on it. Once she tried it, she is now convert. We needed food like this in our area.”

Sandy Chauvin Dague

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10472 Village Center Dr, Port St Lucie, FL


Tel: (772) 800-5999  

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